Understanding The Feedback Reports

Feedback reports are available on the internet when you login to your application. 

There are 2 ways to view feedback.

Personalised feedback

You can view the feedback on your own bids by selecting 'your previous bids' on your home screen and here you can see the status of the property, the number of bids received on the property and your rank.

If you select 'show all previous bids' this will show you the band of the applicant that the property was let to and their priority date.

Feedback on all advertised properties

You can view the feedback on all advertised properties by selecting the 'feedback' link in the blue bar at the bottom of the screen.

This will give you the opportunity to select the Local Authority that you would like feedback on and the time period for the advertised properties.

Advert - this is the advert reference number

Advert date - this is the date the property was advertised

Property - this is the address of the property

Bids - this is the total number of bids received for each property

Band - this will show the level of priority the successful bidder has

Priority Date - this is the date that the successful applicants housing register application was registered.