New Homes

Lewisham Council is pleased to announce 11 permanently affordable homes to buy.   

Applications for these new properties are now open, please visit our webpage to find out more information.


Important Notice

April & May Bank Holiday Find Your Home Notification

Lewisham Find Your Home does not operate over any Bank Holidays so there will not be any Freesheet over the April & May Bank Holidays.


Properties Available


21 April – 24 April 2022                            No Freesheet available

28 April – 01 May 2022                               Freesheet available

05 May – 08 May 2022                               No Freesheet available

12 May – 15 May 2022                                Freesheet available

19 May – 22 May 2022                                Freesheet available

26 May – 29 May 2022                                Freesheet available


If you are requesting a property during this period you must make sure that you are available to view the property over the holiday period. Please make sure that your contact details are up to date on your housing application, so that you can be contacted easily.  If we can’t contact you or you can’t view the property we may offer the property to the next person on the list.



What is Lewisham FindYourHome?

Lewisham FindYourHome is Lewisham's social housing lettings scheme that allows you to choose the property you would like to live in, which is made up of Lewisham Council and all the main housing associations in the borough.

Properties are advertised every Thursday and you "bid" for homes you are interested in.  You have to join the housing register to be considered ('bid') for properties.  


Please ensure that your local housing office or housing association has an up to date telephone number so that you can be contacted easily.  If the landlord cannot contact you or you can’t view the property, we may offer the property to the next person on the list.

Change of Circumstances

If you are a client of a Housing Association, you MUST contact them regarding any Change of Circumstances and not Lewisham Council.


We aim to process new applications and medical assessments within 12 weeks.  However, due to high levels of demand for the service, the waiting time could be longer. 






Please note: We are no longer providing a face-to-face service at Laurence House.  If you need housing advice visit